Sunday, October 28, 2012

The 3-way

A couple weeks ago the fabulous Kate Lemmers came out with a spanky new fingerless mitt pattern Hold Ewe'r Hand. Deep in the dark pits of Festivus knitting, these came out at the right time. Pretty enough for a girl, but manly enough that none of the narrow minded men I know (whats wrong with a little lace guys?) would reject them as "too girly".

 I was further delighted when I read they only require 125-150 yds of yarn. You know those odd half balls knitters pile up? I have a metric ton of those damn things. I dont just hoard full skeins of yarn, I seem to save any little bit out of pure greediness. Well hoarding is a nasty, ill-advised word for yarn stashing actually. A large stash is really just careful planning on a knitters part, showing intelligence and careful planning, not mental illness. So what better to show off the reason to keep all those half-skeins than to knit 3 pairs of mitts out of them?

First up comes the hand-dyed pair.

 I know this yarn is malabrigo, but Im not sure of the colorway unfortunately since its been in the stash a while. I think I knit Cherub a sweater out of it years ago. Anyway, the yarn is worsted and while the pattern calls for sport, I simply upped a needle size and switched the mitt size down one to compensate. It worked out perfectly and I love when patterns are super versatile.

Next up, the handspun pair

This pattern is perfect for spinners, newbies and old hats because of the small yardage requirements. Spinners always have these odd bits of yarn hanging about (or at least I do, maybe its just me?) This yarn was spun from roving I got at NY Sheep and Wool 11-venty million years ago. Well maybe not but it was so long ago, you could actually walk around freely, so at least 5-6 years ago. I know theres wool in there, and due to some shine and a fuzzy factor, Im guessing a bit of mohair too. This yarn was a true sport weight, so I stuck to the needle size recommended by Kate.
Last up, the bits and peices pair

These are actually my fav pair out of the 3. Again not sure of the colorway, but I know its Cascade 220. I loved this soft heathered grey so much that I kept this wee bit for years. I got a little worried about yardage on this one, so I used a darker grey as a contrast trim. Even though 220 is classified as a worsted weight, in my hands it behaves like a sport weight, so I didnt modify the pattern at all.
All in all, even with Halloween craziness and lack of knitting time, I finshed 3 pairs in under a week, which makes this a perfect mitt pattern. No errata, versatile, looks good with any yarn and super quick to knit. 2 addi's way up for these, and 3 gifts down for Festivus!


  1. I love these mitts and you're right, perfect for us that spin! Thanks for sharing :)