Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Festivus Miracle, and other random crap

Lion Brand Amazing yarn in Olympia

This week I cast on a sweater for myself after a week long search for the perfect pattern. I was basically looking for a big blanket with sleeves to wrap myself in. Ravelry was of surprisingly little help, anything that was the right shape sweater wise, was wrong with stitch patterns, sleeve length etc. What the hell is the point of the 3/4 inch sleeve? It does nothing to serve any warming purpose. After spending $6.50 for a sweater pattern, I stumbled across an old Knit Simple issue, which had in it a pattern for a sweater called Striped long coat. Its an old issue, and the sweater doesnt seem to be listed on Rav?

Whatever, I was thrilled. Not thrilled to have wasted $6.50, but thrilled at the prospect of a sweater I barely have to alter. I'm also thrilled that I don't have to tangle with this designer again. I've knit one of his patterns before and I didn't care for it. In fact its still lying in a pile unblocked after 2 years. I'm sure he's a lovely person, but I'm an unforgiving knitter (dont get me started on the monkey sleeve sweater, I'll never knit one of that bitches patterns again either)

It's when I cast on the sleeve for swatching purposes, that the Festivus miracle happened. Stitch gauge is a pretty easy thing to accomplish, if you don't get it, up or down your needle size and have another go. It's the row gauge that is the holy grail for knitters. It just doesnt happen ever. Most designers accomodate in sweaters by telling you to knit to a certain length instead of a certain # of rows. I've been knitting for 29 years now so the following shocked the shit outta me.

18 stitches to 4 inches
25 rows to 4 inches! A damn miracle!

Gauge for this sweater is 18sts and 25 rows to 4 inches and that's exactly what I have. It's a damn Festivus miracle I tell you! It makes this sweater (the first I've knit myself in as long as I can remember really) even more special.
I've also been spinning up a storm for Festivus gifting. I believe deep in my heart that spinners have an unfair advantage around this time of the year. Last week I spun up this.

And today I started on this

Both of these gorgeous rovings were dyed by Stitchpunk of Stitchpunk yarns. Unfortunately she doesn't have anything for sale right now, but has assured me she will re-open sometime in Jan-Feb. I know I'm REALLY looking forward to it. Gorgeous colors and super soft fibers.
Lastly I'm officially down 90lbs. I had 2 cheat days over Thanksgiving, and although it was delicious, I doubt I'll be doing it again. It took almost a week for me to feel normal again. The stuffing sat like a lump in my stomach, and I was tired all week. Carbs and me are not friends methinks, so I'm back to chicken and veggies and feeling much better.


  1. Awesome, the sleeve looks great! The 90 lbs is extremely awesome too. I am so jealous. Keep up the good work!